A New Start.

Today is my birthday, and it seems fitting to start this blog again when I’ve turned a quarter century. It’s been a great day so far, even if it was at work. I had happy birthday sang to me, got a delicious mini cake from my boss, and had flowers sent to me from my sister. There’s a little back story behind her choice of arrangement.

When we were kids, we didn’t get along very well. I guess I was annoying but to be fair, I was a kid. We had a pet hamster and after seeing the sunflower seeds in its food, I wanted to give growing sunflowers a try. I even used some seeds right out of the hamster food, and it worked! They were beautiful and lovely and growing well on my window sil. Until of course we got into another one of our dumb fights, which resulting in her snapping the stems of all my plants, killing them and perhaps my love for growing plants since I haven’t been interested in gardening since.

Back to today. On the arrangement there was a note saying, “I hope this makes up for your sunflowers I killed”. Haha. Indeed it did. Thanks, sis.